Epic names to climb the stage at this years’ Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo Festival

From its birth, in 2002, Bonnaroo spelled (“Bonne” a “Rue”), a New Orleans French Creole slang phrase meaning “best on the street.”, got us used to big names like  Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Tool and The Beach Boys.

We heard that you, ‘Roo fans love some rowdy party going on ‘round here! So party is what you will get this year. The more popular headliners will be: Grand Ole Opry, Childish Gambino, the classics, Phish, Odesza, Post Malone, and Cardi B will also be present in the last day of the festival.

Other familiar artists, will be Gramatik, Lil Dicky, Space Jesus, Gucci Mane, Gojira.

Also, worth to mention is the giveaway that Cardi runs on Bonnaroo’s official website where the prizes 2 VIP tickets to Bonnaroo + Airfare + a VIP at Le Bon Comfort Tent with AC (those are sold out!).

At the moment of speaking, the prices of low tier tickets are $339, for VIP you get a boat-load of benefits and advantages over the lower tier, but also the price is a bit higher, $825. When you buy Platinum, you will surely feel like a king. The most awesome thing is that you will have a Golf cart transportation from the Platinum Campground to the stage viewing areas.

If you don’t have a ticket yet, go take a look at our website’s front page. We have all kinds of tickets for Bonnaroo and more festivals.

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