Muse – Simulation Theory tour coming to an end


As all good things must come to an end, so will the Simulation Theory tour of Muse. Beginning in Houston, US, on 3rd of February 2019, the tour is soon coming to an end, with the final chapter of it due to happen on the 15th of October 2019 in Lima.

Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard

Although it didn’t have such a strong support band like in 2017, when Thirty Seconds to Mars accompanied Muse, the US tour was a blast, totalling 18 acts in the US and 3 shows in Canada. The supporting bands for these gigs were Walk the Moon and SWMRS.

Since 26th of May, Muse is constantly playing in Europe, thrilling their fans with some of their new stuff, like Simulation Theory and Pressure, but also their golden songs, such as Plug in Baby, Time is Running Out, Madness and Knights of Cydonia. Unfortunately, Europe will also see the last of Muse (at least for this year) on 17th of September, in Birmingham.

Following Europe, Muse will have one concert in Singapore and after they will move to South America, where the last 5 shows will be played in Brazil (2), Argentina, Chile and Peru (1). We all know what a great atmosphere the South Americans can do at a concert (I’m looking at you Coldplay in São Paulo, 2017), so we are pretty sure these shows will be some of the most amazing experiences someone can get.

So what is up after October? We definitely hope Muse will create another album full of blasts and start touring again. They are for sure one of those bands who sound even better live than in a studio, so touring is where they belong.

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